AuDaS: Automated Data Scientist


Properly trained and implemented, Machine Learning has the potential to change the way organisations operate and serve their customers. Advances in real-time information flows, increasing data volumes, connectivity of devices and massive computing power mean that data now operates at scales and speeds that are simply beyond human cognition. The only way to make sense of this world is through the automation enabled by AI and Machine Learning.

AuDaS, our automated data science platform, is the first of a new wave of machine learning platforms. Mind Foundry is different; AuDaS is different. We’ve developed a Machine Learning platform that sits at the centre of your organisation and intelligently senses its environment. As AuDaS senses data, it explores it, understands it and ingests it automatically. Using AI, we intelligently and automatically assemble all of the necessary componentry to optimise for the desired outcome. AuDaS doesn’t stop there: our intelligent platform continues to recommend ways of further improving an outcome. For example: suggesting how different data might be beneficial, more compute power could be deployed or how shorter pipelines can be created if time is the critical factor.

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Empowered Data Science

At Mind Foundry, we believe that Machine Learning (ML) has the power to positively transform every organisation in every sector. However, to do so has historically required experts in data engineering and data science, focused on hand-crafting custom pipelines to solve problems. This approach is expensive, time consuming and often sub-optimal. That’s why we developed AuDaS. AuDaS allows organisations to build and deploy state-of-the-art ML at scale, using AI for AI to create solutions and products, allowing data scientists to focus on the strategic issues that drive growth and success for their organisations.

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