AuDaS: Better Outcomes

Industrial Intelligence


Adding connected intelligence to devices that were previously analogue and stand-alone is transformational. Machine-to-machine intelligence now operates at scale and speed beyond the comprehension of anything but the smartest AI and smart sensor networks create trillions of individual data points as they monitor everything from jet engines, communications systems and entire smart cities.
Our smart AI helps our industrial clients capture and process these huge data streams, then automatically detect the anomalies and change-points that can mean an event needs investigation or action is needed. Through AuDaS, our clients can respond immediately and apply continuous learning to optimise the industrial machine environment.

We help our clients create Digital Twins of these complex machines and systems, built on a complex synthesis of data, that allow them to simulate events and model conditions, so that optimal states can be achieved, making the Industrial internet of things a reality.

Consumer Intelligence


Understanding consumer behaviour allows organisations to better service their customers and create more personalised offerings. Multiple engagement channels and massive streams of chronological digital data, create opportunities to engage in innovative and sophisticated ways, but there are significant technical challenges to overcome. Consumer data is heterogeneous, with social media engagement operating alongside historical legacy records data. Behaviour and intent are buried deep within these combined worlds.

AuDaS understands these complex interdependencies and uncertainties, allowing organisations to create dynamic new business and engagement models, that reduce acquisition costs, reduce churn, create dynamic segmentation and marketing and improve attribution modelling. In a world of empowered consumers, AuDaS allows organisations to stay relevant.

Financial Intelligence


The future of finance is in lock-step with the development of advanced Machine Learning and AI. Retail banking is being re-invented, pricing risk is personalised, traderless trading is normal. Finance is subject to rigorous regulatory control and compliance is an escalating cost of operating in global markets. Finance is in an arms race to recruit and retain the mathematical talent it has relied on. The problem is that in such a complex and dynamic world, models decay quickly and finding imperfections is increasingly difficult as signals weaken.

At Mind Foundry, we are applying our comprehensive knowledge of financial operations to AuDaS, giving financial organisations access to technology that augments their existing skills investment, creating more powerful models that operate across the organisation. AuDaS allows faster deployment of models, that are constantly refined and optimised as their environment changes. Using AuDaS, models can be deployed in minutes that would previously have required days or weeks of training and optimising. As the Finance industry continues to evolve through AI, AuDaS is the automated platform that will drive this innovation, growth and success.

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